Domekt R 200 V

Domekt R 200 V

Vertikaalse paigaldusega. Õhuhulgad kuni 250m3 /tunnis.

Efficient heat

Under the normal operational conditions, the rotary heat exchanger does not freeze: even at outdoor temperatures below -20 °C, no additional warming up required of the outdoor air which results in efficient heat energy saving even in the presence of hard frosts.

Low noise level

Silently operating fans and sound insulation ensures low noise level.

 Air humidity balance 

Under the normal operating conditions, condensation does not form in the process of heat exchange in the rotary heat exchanger, because most of the moisture is returned to to the premises. Excess moisture is removed outside. The air in the premises is less dry and the air humidity balance is maintained. As condensation does not form, drainage is not necessary – this simplifies the mounting of the unit.


Hind paigaldusega al. 1490.-

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